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trailer-big    This is one of our beautiful trailers. They are our moving billboards.We encourage the trailers to be present at motorcycle events, motorcycle club and organizations' chapter meetings, shows such as home and garden shows, and events like sporting events,
    The trailer is equipped with a wrecked motorcycle, computer, large screen TV, chairs, banners, and a table.  While the trailer can be parked and used as a billboard, our Share the Road instructors can show programs such as an overview and introduction to Share the Road.
    if you are interested in showcasing  a Show the Road trailer, please complete the trailer request form on this page. We will send the form to our Certified Instructor handling trailer reservations.



    There are some guidelines that come with trailer use. They include:

  1. The trailer must be accompanied by a Certified Instructor.
  2. The trailer can only be used within the state of Oklahoma
  3. The trailer can only be used for transporting Share the Road items.
  4. Share the Road presentation seminars have priority and may preempt a scheduled event.
  5. Trailer use must be approved by thr Share the Road Committee.