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      Our 4' x 8' banners are real eye catchers at any event. They are a vivid reminder to watch out for motorcycles and to share the road with us.We loan the banners, free of charge to approved groups and events.

    Which groups and events are approved, you might ask. The banners are part of the Share the Road program, so their use is controlled by the Share the Road Committee.  All Certified Instructors have a voice in their use. These requests are discussed at our monthly committee meetings, which are held the second Saturday in every month, except December (which is party time!!).

    As you probably guessed, there are a few guidelines for banners"
1. The person requesting the banner is responsibility for its security.
2. The person requesting the banner is responsiblilty for damages incurring while it is ssigned out to them.
3. The person requesting the banner is responsible for picking it up and returning it to the designated location.
4. Share the Road presentation seminars have priority and may preempt a scheduled event.
5. Banner use must be approved by the Share the Road Committee.
6. By acceepting the banner, you agree to these conditions.